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Meet The Team

We are a dedicated team which strives to provide success to our clients in regards to all their accountancy needs. Our team is very close-knit and ensures that a unified support is provided to you whenever you need it. With expertise covering all aspects of accountancy, taxation and business advisory services, we are well placed to take a holistic view to planning for the future as well dealing with specific matters.

Ian Mackie – Director

Experience/specialisms: Ian founded the firm in 1982 after working for 15 years in industry. He specialises in management accounting, business plans & sparring with the HM Revenue & Customs!

Qualifications: CIMA

Hobbies: Golf. Also enjoys spoiling his two grandsons!!

Lynne Crawford – Director


Lynne Crawford is the driving force behind JS Mackie & Co, Director and co-owner since 1996. After a ten-year career in banking , Lynne made the pivotal decision to join her Dad in building the practice, a decision that has shaped her career profoundly.

Gradually assuming leadership as Mr. Mackie approached retirement age, Lynne’s guidance and expertise have been instrumental to clients in running and building their businesses. Her extensive knowledge in accountancy and tax matters is so esteemed that even HMRC seeks her advice!

Outside her professional life is , Lynne finds balance and tranquillity in the practice of yoga. She is a devoted dog lover, a book worm and a foodie – both cooking and eating and is excited about travelling more! She cherishes time spent with her Son, her Dad and her close friends.

Qualifications: MCIBS, ACPA

Hobbies: Military fitness, callanetics, walking, shopping, Yoga and spending time with her son & friends.

Allison Lawrie – Administrator


Allison Lawrie brings a wealth of experience to the table, with a background rooted in banking and over 25 years of expertise in self-assessment. From witnessing the original overhaul of self-assessment in the 90s to navigating the complexities of our digital age, Allison has been at the forefront of the evolving landscape, engaging in countless bouts with HMRC along the way.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Allison finds fulfilment in the simple joys of life. She enjoys spending her days with her husband and two beloved grandchildren, creating happy memories with them. Additionally, her little dog Alvin adds an extra dash of happiness to her daily routine.

Qualifications: Qualified by experience

Hobbies: Yoga and enjoys time with her husband & children.

Amanda Aitken – Accountant

Experience/specialisms: Amanda has been working in accountancy profession for 24+ years between practice, industry and a brief stint with HMRC! She joined JS Mackie in 2008 and her extensive knowledge of accounts and various taxes allow her to deal with a vast range of our clients across the business sectors.

Hobbies: Socialising and enjoys spending time with her husband, sons & family.

Mark Cooper – Accountant

Experience/specialisms: Mark joined JS Mackie in 2008 and in the last 10 years, as well as becoming ACCA qualified, has gained a wealth of experience across all sectors of our business, including overseas aspects of self-assessment (much to his delight!). He has a wide portfolio of clients, ranging from sole traders to larger Limited Companies which also means’ the odd battle with HMRC.

Qualifications: BA Accounting, ACCA.

Hobbies: Socialising, playing poker, golf, enjoys spending time with his wife & son.

Ailsa Cowan – Office manager/Payroll manager

Experience/specialisms: Ailsa joined the firm in 1996, having previously worked for a large Company doing accountancy, finance & payroll. She now deals with the running of the Coatbridge Office and looking after the staff there, along with preparing accounts, completing Self Assessment Tax Returns for most of the Coatbridge clients, overseeing & covering payroll duties and completing P11d’s.

Qualifications: Qualified by experience

Hobbies: Rainbow Leader with Girl Guides, walking & talking ( at the same time!), shopping & holidays.

Chelsea Wyper

Chelsea Wyper is an aspiring professional currently dedicated to advancing her expertise in accounting through her studies towards obtaining her AAT qualification. With a specialisation in sole traders, partnerships, and small limited companies, Chelsea is deeply committed to mastering the intricate details of accounting while also eagerly exploring all other facets of the business world. She approaches each task with enthusiasm and a determination to continuously learn and grow in her field.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Chelsea finds joy in spending time with her friends, family, and partner.

Aimee McHale

Aimee McHale is a diligent learner currently pursuing her AAT qualification while actively contributing to the accounting aspects of her business. Specialising in VAT returns and branching into sole trader & partnership accounts, Aimee is dedicated to mastering the intricacies of accounting, bringing precision and expertise to her role.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Aimee finds enjoys spending time with her loved ones, whether it’s spending quality time with her family and friends or enjoying the companionship of her beloved dog, Molly.

John Tennyson Accountant

John Tennyson’s journey has been a testament to his adaptability and passion for numbers. After eight years in an accountant’s practice, John made a bold career change and joined the police force. However, his love for numbers never waned, leading him back to his roots as an accountant at JS Mackie.

Specialising in Limited Company accounts, VAT, and tax matters, John brings a unique perspective shaped by his diverse professional experiences. He has settled back into Accountancy well and is enjoying building his portfolio and getting to know his clients. Beyond the office,John is a father to 2 young kids and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his family, going to the gym and playing poker when he gets a chance.

Danielle McNair

Danielle McNair is a seasoned Payroll and HR specialist with over 15 years of experience in the fields of payroll, finance, and human resources. Her extensive career spans both practice and industry, showcasing her versatile expertise and dedication to excellence in managing and optimising payroll and HR functions.

Danielle’s professional journey is marked by her ability to streamline processes, ensure compliance, and enhance employee satisfaction. She has successfully navigated the complexities of payroll management, contributing to the financial well-being and operational efficiency of the organisations she has served.

Beyond her professional achievements, Danielle is a mum to two young children. She balances her career with a rich personal life, enjoying socialising, traveling, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Ali Innes

Ali Innes is an accomplished administrator who joined JS Mackie in 2024 and has quickly become an invaluable asset to the team. With a background marked by diverse and impressive roles, Ali brings a wealth of experience to her current position. She previously excelled as a Business Development Manager with Scottish Athletics and demonstrated her leadership and organisational skills as a nightclub manager. Additionally, she has experience as an accounts and admin assistant in the media entertainment industry.

Ali’s athletic prowess is noteworthy as well; she played netball for Scotland at an international level, showcasing her dedication, teamwork, and competitive spirit.

Outside of her professional life, Ali enjoys spending quality time with her partner, their little girl, and their two dogs, finding a perfect balance between her career and personal life.

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